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    As per usual the Brazilian Embassy in London has not replied to my e-mails regarding a family reunion visa (VIPER) and I`m in desperate need of advice!
    I am British, will marry my Brazilian partner in Brazil in January.
    I want to go home to the UK in March to visit my family and come back to Brazil in April.
    I heard that it was easier and quicker to make my family reunion visa in the UK, and that it only takes 6 weeks, do you know if this is true?
    The problem- the consular website states that my partner needs to sign a term of responsibility in front of the consulate in the UK, and that they need to see his passport- HE WILL NOT BE IN THE UK!!!!! So how do I resolve this?
    If i was to make my family reunion visa here in Brazil, we have another problem, my partner is not currently working, and has no way to prove income etc, the federal police state on the website that he needs this for my visa-any way around this?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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