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    Hi… Im a brasilian psychologist. Im 34 years old, love to travel, sports, yoga and nature. Id like to improve my English. Anybody want to exchange language? You help me to learn English and I help you to learn portuguese

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    Hi Julia. My name is Mark and I am learning Portuguese before I move to Brazil in the future. I would be happy to help you with English and have your help with Portuguese.

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    Hi Julia. Purporting to bea phycologist you will be aware that your post is not entirely complete; absentfrom an otherwise stereotypical mating call are descriptions of eye and hair coloursetcetera thus completing what could be your potential ulterior motive. You, ofcourse, already know that this is not a dating site but there is always a hornygringo prepared to love you long time for visa permanente. Jungle914 is alreadysniffing.

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    There are also Gringos that want to learn Portuguese. I have learned a lot of interesting things about Brazil and Brazilians on this forum. I think that communication is a valuable thing, and the information in this forum/site is very good to know. There are a lot of people with lots of different experiences willing to help other people avoid problems, and help other people find answers to situations and problems. I like to hear all viewpoints, I am not close minded, and I am always learning. And I will be glad when I can speak Portuguese. It is the foundation of living in Brazil. I am still learning about Brazil and places to live and many other details. Any help I can get is much appreciated. I have many Brazilian friends, both men and women, and many surfers and skateboarders, since I am from a surf and skate background. I am always learning from them, and even practice Portuguese on Skype sometimes with them. I am always looking for any help learning Portuguese, and also Spanish. I have my own courses in both, but it is not the same as speaking with someone. It can be a lot of fun as well. I have found Brazilians to be very nice and helpful people, and I am sure that when it comes time for a visa permanente that I will have several options. That is not my primary focus here. Learning Portuguese is.

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    Well isn’t this sweet; youngskater surfer boy meets vamping phycologist for French, excuse me, Portugueselessons. Have fun you to!

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