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    Hello everyone, I have spent a long time reading through this forum but have never gotten round to posting. I am hoping that somebody can help me locate a trustworthy, english-speaking lawyer to help my wife and I purchase a property in Sao Paulo. My wife speaks very good Portuguese however she is worried about being responsible for all of the translation throughout the process, hence the preference to find a lawyer who speaks English.

    If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations they would be greatly appreciated.
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    I have been using these for the last seven years, they are very good!

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    Thank you for the referral Trigger. I will get in touch with them shortly.

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    I have used Jose C Santiago a couple of times in the past and he did well by me. He is fluent in English and gets involved in helping Brazilians with U.S. Real Estate although I used him for local real estate issues and he was fine. He was located in Sao Paulo.

    He is a member of this forum but I checked and he hasn’t been active since 2009. My recollection is that some members were ragging him over something (which is typical) and he got ticked off and just left.
    Perhaps you can look him up and see if he can help you.
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    I understand your feeling it necessary to have an attorney accompany you in the process of purchasing real estate. I used one when I purchased my first property in Brasil.
    But since then, I’ve learned that it’s really not necessary. Instead, you need to get to know well the owner of the cartorio where the closing will be held. Obviously, you need to select the property you want to purchase first, to know which cartorio is in that locality/municipality, that would perform the closing (escritura).
    There are lots of excellent threads on here that discuss the process for purchasing real estate (hint: Search function). You need to know about the importance of obtaining the assorted “certidão negativa” associated with the seller. Basic contracts can be found on-line. Attorneys are certainly worth their salt for some processes, but IMHO, to use one just buy real estate is an unnecessary expense.
    Boa sorte!
    Gringo.Serrano2015-06-14 10:21:53

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    Thank you for the heads-up Steven. I will have a go at locating him.

    Serrano, I can only assure you that over the last few months I have read most of this forum from top to bottom. I realise that purchasing real-estate in Brazil can be done without a lawyer, but in my case it is unfortunately a necessity. Thank you for your input though, maybe next time I will manage it on my own.
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    I am glad that Steven, a fellow longtime forum member whom I respect, had a good experience with this particular lawyer. Unfortunately I know of a couple of others here, back in the day, who did not have as positive an experience, and one even felt compelled to air his client grievances here publicly, and it did get pretty ugly. All I can suggest is that you conduct your own due diligence when selecting a lawyer for such an important transaction.
    miguel2015-06-14 23:44:48

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    I would defer to Miguel in this case who has a much more intimate knowledge of the fine points of Brazilian finance/real estate than me. My issues were simple and the attorney was adequate. However real estate in Brazil can be tricky and Miguel’s advice to conduct due diligence is well taken.

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    Go to the Hubert- Martindale Directory.
    I am a bi-lingual licensed real estate broker in SP, I could do without an attorney ( most documentation can be provided
    By an Escrivão ) , I can read Brazilian legalese , however by not being a practicing attorney, I choose
    To source for my client’s legal representation with a bi lingual attorney , so that my client gets the benefit of
    Having legal and bi lingual expert opinion and validation.

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    Martindale publishes its directory online, btw. Just google it. They have lots of legal firms and you can drill down by specialty.
    You should conduct your screening just as you would with a home contractor. Checking fees, scope of service , references.
    And if you find someone if your satisfaction, I would be interested to learn who he/she is.
    I assume you might want a notarized translation of contracts.
    Make your dollars work for you.

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