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    E4B English for Business Professionals is an English school focused on providing business professionals with a simulated immersion learning experience. We are seeking Native English Speakers to teach English classes in the São Paulo area.

    Our Website: http://www.e4b.us


    -Be a native speaker and possess dominion over one’s mother language.

    -Be a paragon of the English or American Businessperson. E4B teaches stereotypical US and English cultural values together with the language, so, as teaching by example is arguably the most effective method, punctuality and dependability are essential skills for success.

    -Have adequate communication skills. Speech and communication are a teacher’s primary tools. Therefore an effective teacher must have the ability to communicate ideas clearly and in a way others can understand.

    -Teaching experience is a plus. Knowing the language is one thing, being able to teach it is an entirely different skill. Applicants with little or no teaching experience must be willing to learn how to teach.

    -Good social skills are also a plus. Commercial classes are exercises in relationship building. Understanding or willingness to learn Brazilian social norms to ensure low student-turnover and increase referrals is expected.

    -Must be committed to living and working in São Paulo for at least 6 months.

    -Must have an identifiable interest or conversational competence in one or more areas of specialized knowledge, such as law, medicine, HR, engineering, IT, capital markets, economics, supply chain management, etc. Many students will want to talk about their area. Teachers are expected to approach conversations with their students as learning opportunities and use these conversations with their students to vigorously pursue their own intellectual, academic, and/or professional development.


    Competitive and negotiable compensation. For individual classes, the pay is R$50 per hour and up. This amount increases at regular intervals as teachers show ability, resolve, and, above all, loyalty. Group classes are similarly attractive.

    Opportunities for growth, stability and autonomy: Those who demonstrate dedication, productivity, and dependability in the classroom can expect generous commissions, bonuses, and similarly attractive perks and compensation packages.

    Please send your resumì© or CV to: andrew@e4b.us

    Or call us at: 11 3192 – 3914 (Portuguese Only) 11 96299-9499 (Vivo / Whatsapp) (English and Portuguese)

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    Thats a lot of qualifications for Kalan level pay. Good luck.

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    Looking at the English in the original post I’d say the original poster should take lessons as well.

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