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    Hi Everyone,

    So I have dual nationality. I obtained residency on one of the passports. I have the RNE. I need to go to Brazil soon because my two years is almost up. Now, the passport I had the visa on is about to expire(Don’t say “Just renew it”). Can I travel to Brazil with the other passport from the other country, and the RNE or do I ALWAYS need to travel with the passport from the country in which I gained residency on?
    Thanks in advance!
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    If you have “dual nationality” why do you even need a RNE? My son is dual and never had a RNE let alone visa of any sort. That said, if you’re perm qvisa stamp is in your old passport, just renew it but then carry both. That’s what I do but they never ask to see the old one. I only have it “just in case.”

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    I don’t think he’s a Brazilian citizen, just a dual citizen of two other countries with residency in Brazil.

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    francesca is not a real person. francesca is John Kenney posting under a false name. The forum he links to is also full of fake testimonials he has posted under false names. He is a liar and you cannot trust him.

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    Is there a “Best Username” award? Because I think you just won it.

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