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    Do most apartments in Sao Paulo come with appliances such as Refrigerators, Stoves, and Washing Machine?

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    In my experience that is very rare, leases are for 30 months and pretty much all apartments come with nothing. I came across a couple with stoves, but almost none with a fridge and washing machine. Even if they did the extra price paid in rent wouldn’t be worth having them.

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    You’d be lucky to even get a heater for the shower water. Washing machine? Most apartments might have a utility area (that doubles as the maid’s sleeping space) with a big deep double sink where you wash and rinse clothes by scrubbing them on the ridges of one sink and tossing them from one to the other unilt he soap is out. Dryer? Esp. in rainy weather, piece by piece on the coils on the back of the refridgerator you will have to buy, or hanging in the utility area on a hanger device you buy, install, and lower and pull back up to hang and take down your clothes.

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    Most if not all spaces will have a space in the “laundry room” for a washing machine, no space for a dryer as few have them. Most everyone has a washing machine.

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    In most cases if you want appliances you have to rent a fully furnished apartment.

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    Short term – the apartments are equipped ok.
    Long Term – You are lucky if there are sockets… or lights.

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    Mine came with movies(furniture). But I had to pay extra over that for leasing the movies. But I will be moving elsewhere. I need to buy my own things. Though basic furniture 2 beds, a fridge, stove. You wouldn’t have a choice of selecting if the home come with sh*t looking movies unless you dont mind.

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    *móveis, lol

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    I rented an apartment in Brooklin, (São Paulo Zona Sul) that was so bare it didn’t have toilet seats, shower heads, light bulbs in ANY fixture and was missing the kitchen faucet!

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    The problem with the furnished apts (mobiliados) is that you can’t take the furniture with you when you moved. And the quality of the furniture is not always that great.
    You can get appliances for cheap at pontofrio or casas bahia. Used furniture can be found on craigslist.org and/or some used furniture stores (Bazar Sambura in SP is a good one).
    Good luck!

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