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    Can anyone recommend an english speaking doctor/dentist here in Salvador? The last one I went to charged me 250 reaes which is about 100 euros making him one of the most expensive doctors I have been to in a long long while!

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    Mine is 200 (or 220 maybe) but this is good for more than one visit. He orders lab tests then you go back and he gives you a prescription then you go back and say ‘I’m cured’ but all within some time period. My doc is worth it, but he doesn’t speak english and he’s not in salvador.

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    Do you think Brazilians get charged the same fee? It just seems really high. It’s more than a regular GP visit in nyc!!!

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    Why don’t you have a health plan (if you are resident) or travel insurance (if you are a visitor)? If you are a visitor you can get free emergency care at any public hospital.

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    as soon as i told the dr. that my insurance covers 100 percent, i literally saw the lightbulb light up over his head. i think i would rather have a dr. who wasn’t into price gouging.

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    Do you want a doctor or a dentist? I have a wonderful dentist in Itaigara who speaks some English and is very trust worthy.

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    Teresa Lane

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