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    Does anyone know the process of becoming a Corretor de seguros here in Brazil?

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    no but i imagine it’s very difficult. one must be fluent and take a serious exam. boris was a a long time member and was banned by the admins for no reason given. you should contact boris, maybe he can help you? good luck dude.

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    Thank you. Do you know how I can reach Boris? Do you know his email address?

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    Not sure but i think he lives outside RIO, retired. I am almost sure someone here knows his contact info, the problem is nobody wants to share the wealth. people want you to suffer thru the maze of problems like they like they did.

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    not really, in a troll-infested forum nobody wants to give some random stranger a person’s email address (and i appreciate the same courtesy). I actually don’t think Boris was a corretor and even if he was, he has been gone so long that any info he could give won’t help much. Your best bet is MOL’s link, and there is FAQ here.

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