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    Hi Dear Friends,

    We are here to inform, that, if you are coming to Brazil to watch the games of World cup Soccer, don’t you think that Brazil is only soccer, right? There are many natural beauties, and we are able to take you to beautiful places. Minas Gerais is known worldwide as the most beautiful hills of Brazil, and has many exploration mines of gold. The name “Minas Gerais” came from those mines.
    If you are interested to know more about this places , and also to want agility, like air transport, and don’t want busy airports, Please contact us.
    Chartered flights from Pampulha airport, or Carlos prates airport, to all airport of Minas Gerais, Rio, São Paulo, and many other places.
    Our focuses are take you to cities like, Diamantina (famous by diamond mines), Araxì° and Poìßos de Caldas (Famous by thermal fonts), Patos de Minas (famous by corn party), Serro (famous by Canastra Cheese, an Cachaìßa), and many others, that commercial aviation do not take you there.
    I’m the captain of piper seneca aircraft, and i’ll stay happy if you come.
    It can be before, during, and after World Cup
    For more information, send me an PM, or answer this topic.
    I hope that I have too many contacts..
    Thanks for attention.Wink
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    Do you hold an AOC, Air Operator Certificate from ANAC?

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