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    hey there, i was wandring if anyone on here knows of a good tax lawyer in saopaulo with reasonable english skills. i am aware of most things aboutbuying an apt, i.e. cpf etc…but i want to be on the safe side ofthings and consult a lawyer as well with the contract, best way to pay,transfer funds, annual taxes etc. any help would be appreciated…

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    [QUOTE=cachaca]… if anyone on here knows of a good tax lawyer in sao paulo … best way to pay, transfer funds, annual taxes etc….
    [/QUOTE] If you find one, please let me know; I also need some help with money transfer, tax issues, etc.

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    We have recently acquired an apartment in São Paulo. We liked (and trusted) the legal department of Pacheco Imóveis, but admittedly we had the advantage of knowing Portuguese and read all the papers. (www.pacheco.com.br) I don’t know about their knowledge of Englsish, but I would be surprised if they could not help you there as well. For what it is worth … Good luck with the search!

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    I recently had a meeting with the Sao Paulo law firm of Dedivitis, Borges, Tahan & Pires. I actually met with Srs. Borges and Pires. We talked for a good half hour, they seemed like fairly knowledgable guys and didn’t charge me anything for the consultation. Pires says he speaks fairly decent English, but I didn’t test him on that. If anyone wants to give them a try, you can look them up, or send me a pm, and I’ll give you their contact info.

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    [QUOTE=gterriell]what is the process of buying an apartment in Brazil, can it be financed, if so what percent down is needed, Does anyone know of any good Bankers to deal with [/QUOTE] Just to add, one problem which accompanies high inflation in Brazil is a relatively high interest rate (compared to what you might be used to in say Europe or the USA).

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    gterriell… If you go to the homepage of this site, and type “Fiona Locke” in the search box, you’ll find three very good articles she wrote on purchasing real estate in Brazil. You should check them out.

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    ShoulI will be more than glad to assist you.

    Should you need further information, please feel free to contact me.

    Jose C. SantiagoMultinvest / Elite International Affiliated – Licensed Attorney Associated – Licensed Real Estate Agent Phone: (11)9348-5729 – São Paulo – Brazil

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    hi, please i am based in UK and I want to acquire a house in sao paulo could anyone be of help. please email me directly at ikolisis25@yahoo.co.uk

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    Are you British, Brazilian, or other? You’d be well advised to read some of the forum if the former or the latter, as well as some articles on the Gringoes.com site.

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    DO NOT USE LAWYERS SUGGESTED BY THE REAL ESTATE AGENCY OR THEBROKER!!! The only worse thing that you could do is to uselawyers that actually work for the agency or the broker. Unless, of course, you are a masochist and have some money to throw away. BorisG39009,6078935185

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    I agree with Boris in part, as there could be some conflict of interest. The most important thing you must have is a legal service agrement between you and the attorney for exclusive representation, even if the brokerage company may give you a list of attorneys they have dealt before. In Brazil is commom for brokerage companies to have in-house attorneys, in this case they are employees of the brokerage company and should never be used for representation in a real estate transaction. Look for private owned Law firms. Below are some links to related articles for your information:


    http://www.gringoes.com/articles.asp?ID_Noticia=1358 Good luck!

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    Well… using legal representative suggested by the real estateagency is not in itself illegal, it is just mighty impractical. I’ve seen more then one horror story develop from a similar set up. I don‘t think that a lawyer recommended by a real estate company wouldbe as diligent and impartial as a complety independent attorney. I think that the situation stinks of implicit conflict of interestwhich due to the complexity of the real estate transaction in 99.9cases out of 100 would not work out to the advantage of the hiring party. BorisG39009,8211921296

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    True, that is why independent owned and operated law offices are the best choice.

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