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    Does anyone know what percent of the Business English, or in company market is taken up by large companies, franchised or otherwise?
    I’m wondering what percentage of the market of business English is taught by independent schools and/or teachers that are unaffiliated with major companies such as CCAA, IBEU, Cultura, etc.
    Does anyone have a list of independent, business English focused companies?
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    Probably a lot but not as much as you might imagine. Are you talking about individuals who fund their own tuition, as that would fall into the remit of those entities you have cited, or do you mean large corporate entities providing and paying for (or subsidising) language tuition for key employees? I suggest that the latter is served more by small, boutique operators who can, if necessary, teach 1 on 1 at the workers own desk.

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    Thanks for your reply. I’m asking about teaching that is funded by the student’s company, but that would be taught by an individual or smaller school, rather than a major operation such as Cultura.
    It sounds like you are telling me that many boutique courses teach in company classes. Is that correct?
    Does anyone have a list of such boutique ESL courses?
    Thanks again!

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    Plan idiomas
    Freetalk idiomas

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    Thanks for the help. I actually knew about one of those schools, the other I didn’t. I am looking to sell something to independent schools, but it sounds like there aren’t actually that many.
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    A lot of “independent schools” are individuals with a microempresa. Its pretty hard to keep a school going that offers in-office classes because both the students and the teachers are super eager to cut out the middle man.

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    [QUOTE=Levo]A lot of “independent schools” are individuals with a microempresa. Its pretty hard to keep a school going that offers in-office classes because both the students and the teachers are super eager to cut out the middle man.

    Thanks so much for the info. I guess my experience was that the larger companies sponsor their students classes, and they only sponsor them with a certain list of courses, rather than with individual teachers.
    Is that not accurate, was that just my experience?
    If there is a significant number of individual teachers out there leading in-company classes with students who can afford R50+ per class, I would be very happy!
    Does anyone have any numbers on just how many independent ESL teachers there are in Rio, SP, etc?
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    Large companies that pay for tuition for workers will not work with individuals; their accounting procedures are not set up to pay autnomos. To teach at Petrobras et al you need to be a duly registered CNPJ with the ability to emit electronic invoices via the nota fiscal electronica website.
    Individual students paying for their own private tuition can do as they please wrt who they hire and payment. They just need permission to admit their teacher as a guest and have a spare room available if they want the class in their office.
    Amongst the legitmate autonomos with a residence permit that allows work, and the illigitmate tourists who have overstayed and are working illegally under the radar, i think it is impossible to know how many are out there.man of leisure2013-12-30 03:50:24

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    you also need to check your market. Several markets are using education management services that control student attendance, test periodically, etc so that Bob can’t funnel money to his brother in law “teacher” anymore, and students are required to show progress or funding gets cut.

    SP and Curitiba use a company called Cambi for this and it’s increasingly harder to teach in the better multinationals (Volvo, Nissan, etc) without not only emitting a nota fiscal but also being registered with Cambi and doing endless hours of paperwork for them.
    editing to add that i didn’t see your point- but talking to this kind of company, assuming you can get them to share info, might give you an idea of who is being used by the top notch clients. but i can’t even begin to think about how you would go about compiling a list of teachers.

    3casas2013-12-30 17:45:12

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    Thanks to you both for the responses. It seems CAMBI offers some sort of online learning guidance, but it’s written in flowery language so I’m not sure what the nuts and bolts are.

    I’m getting the sense that the business English market is not a great one to enter as it’s all tied up in red tape. Too bad I met very, very few individuals who could speak English well. I don’t think the current system works.
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    Hi Duder,

    I have been working in the Business English market for 14 years now. I started by sharing an office on Rua Luiz Coelho with the owner of gringoes, we started our business at the same time and our businesses are still up and running! So yes, its possible but not easy. You need to have excellent administration skills, good referrals and executive networking, responsible and ethical teachers (hardest part!) and manage your cash flow and marketing strategies very well. Its a full time job! If you want to go into this market my advice is: tie up everything with a contract (both with students and teachers) because once in a while someone will try to deceive you. For example, in our contract, in order to receive the payment the teacher must send us 5 days before pay day the attendance sheets signed by the students on the day of each class. I just had a problem with a teacher who claimed the payment without submitting the signed sheet. If everyone follows the contract then everyone is happy :)
    Good luck!
    Katia Juca

    Business and Marketing Manager




    Check my references from teachers and students’ testimonials on LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/katiajuca

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