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    hi all,
    My Brazilian wife and I plan to move somewhere next year from Belgium to Rio Grande Do Sul where we have a house. My permanent visum is ok, so I guess we already got pretty far in the process.
    We would send our Container from Antwerp to Itajai or Rio Grande.
    Which would be better ? Do the 2 ports allow you to be present when they open your container ?
    Can anyone recommend a good broker/dispachante in Iajai or Rio Grande ?
    We would be moving furniture and household stuff and also a lot of tools. (I got a nice collection)
    I plan to launch myself into metal construction (mainly roofs)
    Would they let pass half a dozen of ladders, 2 drill presses, 3 work benches, welding equipment, a ladder lift (electric powered – which is also a trailer), a metal saw machine, an anvil, jacks, hydraulic jack, half a ton of screws, nuts and bits http://www.gringoes.com/wp-content/uploads/smiley1.gif etc…
    I know about the impossibility to bring in cars. Bur what about a trailer? I have a 5m long double axle trailer pulled by a van or a car, on which you can transport a car or some other mobile equipment. Any chance to get that on the road in Brazil ?
    As for my oldtimer collection, I’m selling it off, http://www.gringoes.com/wp-content/uploads/smiley19.gif but I really would like to keep my 46 and ’63 volvo… we’ll see about that later, maybe in a couple of years when we’re settled. I read that there is an exception for oldtimers, but I have to do more reading on the subject.
    thanks for any comment,
    Antwerp, Belgium

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