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    I am thinking about buying a dating ring for my girlfriend. She is from Brazil, and she said her ring size is 19. Ideally I would have bought her one in Brazil, but now I am back in the US. If I buy her a ring from a US retailer, I would need to know the equivalent US ring size. I have done an online search for this and have found some results suggesting her US ring size would be about 8 & 7/8 or 9, but I want to be sure. I’ve heard the results can vary.
    I’ve seen this chart from jeweler H. Stern:
    From that chart, it looks like Brazil size 19 has no equivalent in the US (which would be frustrating), and that a US size 9 is equivalent to Brazil size 22 rather than 19. I’d like to be sure about buying the right size.
    Alternatively, what are some Brazilian jewelers that sell online that I might be able to buy from?FlyingToaster2011-01-08 16:01:05

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    Bella 777
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    congrats buddy but i will suggest you that you should get your ring appraisalas soon as you purchase it from a company, it helps later ….

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    Eli Minix

    I’ve got the same issue, trying to work out how size 19 equates to a UK sizing, and so much contradictory information. Was the Stern chart accurate, and did you ever find out how a 19 equates in to a US size? Thanks.

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