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    I will be back in Brasil for a few weeks and want to go through the process of converting bitcoin to Reais. In the previous forum I recall some members going through the process. Picolino in particular. If anyone with experience in this, is reading this new forum, will you share information on the process?

    I am currently using Localbitcoins.xxx to purchase bitcoin because of jurisdictional barriers preventing me from using circle or coinbase. Comparing the prices on LocalB. in USD to Reais, it seems like there is a 8-10 USD difference in the average selling prices. For example 1 bitcoin is selling for 255 USD and also selling for 989 BRL, a converted difference of about + 30 BRL – depending on the currency conversion tracker one is using (these are just sample prices found on the site right now and of course the variables fluctuate a lot). I will be experimenting with such a small amount that even if there really is a potential profit of at least 30 BRL per bitcoin transaction, I wont notice it. I did find it curious though.

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