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    Any recommendations?

    I’ve tried a place in Campo Belo that was quite interesting (decor). I believe the name of the place was Govinda. Pretty good and will go back. Skip the crappy Portuguese wine they’re promoting.
    It’s restaurant week!
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    try the native cuisine, rice and beans…

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    do a search, we talked about this not so long ago (not so recently that i remember any details of course, rs)

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    There’s a few places in SP, but none that I rate that much. As 3casas says, there was a thread about this, and a place in Curitiba that seems to be quite good. SP has Tandor, which is not that great to be honest, and what is supposed to be a pretty good vegan restaurant in Rua Antonio Carlos, between Rua Augusta and Hadock Lobo, but they only open for lunch.
    I had a friend bring me packs of popadoms over at Christmas, and I have been making my own lime pickle and mango chutney. The friend also brought a large bag of spices, so we’ve been knocking up some great curries at home! The only thing missing is carpet on the walls, some Sitar music in the background, and cold pints of Cobra or Kingfisher larger!

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    I should add, that was NOT an invite round my house for a curry!

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    oh god pappadums, that is the one thing i can’t replicate and what i wouldn’t give for a pack right now!!!!

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    [QUOTE=3casas] oh god pappadums, that is the one thing i can’t replicate and what i wouldn’t give for a pack right now!!!![/QUOTE]
    Oh yes – they’ve been ground-breaking for us too! So easy to cook, and cheap and easy to get in the UK. I aim to get a few KG of these when my next visitors come!

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    [QUOTE=Leblon] try the native cuisine, rice and beans…[/QUOTE]
    What if you really abhor rice and beans?

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    For lunch it has to be Gopala Hari
    It is Vegetarian- but don’t let that put you off, the food is top quality authentic cuisine and the place is great, chilled relaxed, super simple
    Just of Rua Augusta, it’s easy walking distance from the metro. Arrive early mind, you often have to queue for about 10 minutes to get a table as is it’s popularity.
    You get a choice of options depending on the day. So you start of with a salad, and then have for example a rice with several curries, dahl, a pakora and mini naan or samosa and then finish the a desert choice.
    There is fresh spiced juice throughout and you also get a lassi with the meal.
    The best part? it costs 24 reais. set menu, set price…your set to be impressed!

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    Nice to know about your restaurant week .
    I want to inform you that try some Asian food too there because i have seen many discussion on Asian food here and people are showing interest towards that. So Chinese and Indian food must be the part of your restaurant week menu.

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    Delhi Palace on Juscelino Kubitchek. The owner is Indian and their lunch all you can eat buffet is $35!! It’s actually some of the best Indian food I’ve had in a while. My wife is Indian, so I like to think I know what authentic/good Indian should taste like. We tried all of them in SP- Gopala is good also. Tandoor in Paraiso was also Indian owned, but we went for dinner and the bill was eyewatering- especially for something I could get in London or NY for 25% of the price!

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    $35 dollars US, Canadian,?? or R$ 35 reais? I’m hungry. I can’t let my weight go down! Save me!!

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    35 REAIS! 6 different tubs of steaming, curried glop. Half meat/half vegetarian. Eat your fill my friend :)

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    [QUOTE=finrudd]and what is supposed to be a pretty good vegan restaurant in Rua Antonio Carlos, between Rua Augusta and Hadock Lobo, but they only open for lunch. [/QUOTE]
    The place finrudd refers to here is GOPALA HARI. I now live in the neighborhood, so upon both Kermit’s and DonPelon’s recommendations I walked over there for lunch — not knowing what to expect since it describes itself as a “restaurante lactovegetariano com sabores da India.”
    Two thumbs up!
    Gopala Hari, Rua Antonio Carlos 429, a short walk from Av Paulista.
    The restaurant itself is upstairs and a small shop (where they sell ingredients and ‘sabores da India’ for making your own at home) is at street level. It is easy to find: There is a bit of a line outside. The food is good.
    picolino2013-07-23 11:57:24

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    That’s a good discussion

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    Anyone here tried the food at Madhur Restaurante? (Rua Augusta/AntÃ’nio Carlos)

    There was a lady outside the restaurant wearing a sari and she was passing out flyers. Not sure if she was actually Indian or just a brasileira…

    i’ve heard about that vegetarian lunch-only restaurant but haven’t been able to get around to eat there yet
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    Been there, done that: Madhur is terrible. NOT recommended.
    It is cheap (by Rua Augusta standards), but even so it is not worth the price. It is basically just a fast food joint.
    You’re much, much better off going to the lunch-only restaurant around the corner (Gopala Hari).

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