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    Centro in general is sketchy at night despite the renovations.
    I wouldn’t go there unless you are with a really big group of cariocas. (My husband, a carioca from Penha, won’t either).
    Just like Lapa, or the Feira de Sao Cristovao, the problem isn’t once your actually in the center of the nightlife, its getting there (for example, walking to Lapa on foot from pca tiradentes, central, etc. is very sketchy at night) and Gamboa is much more difficult to get to safely. One wrong turn and your in Previdencia, which despite the UPP is still not a place you want to be.
    That fact, and the fact that its little know to tourists leads to a slightly less tourist friendly crowd. So, unless you are going with locals and are decent at blending in, you might not want to try it.
    nikkij121852010-12-21 10:42:06

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    When going out in Lapa or Santa Teresa it is worth dressing down – looking a little rough – if you plan to stay there past 12 midnight.
    I think before then on a week night you should be fine as there are many people
    having after work drinks there – some even wearing suits.
    Saterday/Sunday nights you have to be a little more aware as there are generally less people about.
    As far as Gamboa – there are some grate under ground clubs there – however I would recommend that you get a taxi straight to the venue as its the last place you wanna be walking round lost looking for a night club.
    I get a slight buzz going out there as it is so under ground and driving through the rough streets at night looking at all the crazy people/homeless/hookers is extremely exciting I find.
    Along with the old graffitied architecture and run down docks its probably like the meat packing district used to be in the 70’s.
    I enjoy going out there for a mad one much more than any of those places in
    Leblon/Ipanema – Copacabana does have some OK bars/under ground clubs.
    But Botofogo and
    Humaitá sounds like what your looking for – try about the cobel in Humaitá – I really like it round there at night – mezza is grate fun after 9 week days.

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    Make friends with people who study at UERJ or UFRJ, especially the social sciences. They have lots of choppadas, raves and fun parties.
    Better yet, get yourself invited to the parties at A Rural for the weekend.
    Make friends with the young, middle-class hippies who have luaus on the beach.
    Those are probably your best options for finding “intellectuals” who have an “interest in betterment/learning/exploring.”
    You can also try signing up for activities at a local NGO and building off those friendships.
    Its really hard to just go out and find people and have worthwhile conversations. Its easier (and often safer) to find the people and then let them lead you when you go out.

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