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    Hello, I will move to Brazil later this year, anyone have any tips for moving belongings to Brazil as part of my move there?

    Is it better to use sea or air shipping? I wont bring more than lets say 50-100kg of stuff.
    Maybe best to just get extra checked luggage on the plane?


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    Coming from where? Air has got to be a lot more but probably safer.

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    Up to 1-2 Tonnes of material, air is definitely cheaper and less hassle than container shipping. This is from personal experience. 50-100kgs you definitely want to carry it as accompanied extra luggage on the plane you are travelling. You have no idea of how painful and expensive Brazilan customs are for any other shipping option. There are quite a lot of airlines that will charge you 120 USD for each extra luggage. And the extra luggage can be quite bulky (160cm the three sides) and up to 32kg for Brazil destinations. You can usually carry 3 pieces of extra luggage per person in addition to the two pieces already included in your ticket.

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