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    I’ll be flying to Brazil in September, and hope to stay until after Christmas. I know it’s better to book a return ticket within the 3 months and then alter the date to extend it so I don’t raise any eyebrows at the airport.

    How easy is it to just alter the date that far ahead, I’ll be doing it as soon as I’m in Brazil probably? I assume I’ll have to phone them. Also I know there’s at least a $150 charge for alterations, but if the new return journey costs they will just charge me for the extra right? As in if I paid ¬£900 originally and the new journey is ¬£1200 then I’ll just pay the extra ¬£300 plus the admin fee?
    Would it be better to spend a little more and buy a flex ticket with $100 admin fee?
    I tried asking the call centre earlier but it sounded like the guy was in a fish tank and he hung up on me mid query…
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    IF you can change a flight ticket at all, no matter wich airline, depends in the first place on the rate you’ve book.
    Airlines have special rates, usually the cheapest once, that don’t allow to change anything from the original booking. You can’t change the flight, can’t change the passenger, nothing.
    Rates that will allow changes are usually more expensive !

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    As to the ticket, it would be a good idea to check with other airlines to see how much they will charge as a change fee, because to change a flight, you need to pay not only the change fee, but also the difference in the ticket price.
    If you have an option to just pay a set fee, and keep the date open – that’s excellent!
    When it comes to asking permission to extend your visa beyond 90 days, if you are eligible, some people have been successful showing a proposed (unpaid) return itinerary, rather than the actual printed ticket with a return date.
    I don’t personally know how to do this, but people have presented a printed document that shows intention to return.
    In other words, an actual printed ticket with proof of purchase has not been required (so people have said), and the itinerary (unpaid), with a proposed new return date, apparently has been sufficient.
    In any event, you should buy the ticket with a return date that is less than 90 days from your departure date.
    If you do a search on this forum, you might find the relevant posting that references this topic.
    If you plan to bringing many suitcases, Delta has lower prices for extra bags.
    SmileBossaNova20122014-06-27 15:25:07

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