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    Does anyone know of any cheap airlines, to brazil from the US????

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    BRA, but they’re very umpredictable… You may check discount packages which may be even cheaper than tkts.

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    Hey Bro….here’s a couple of agents I’ve been using for the past 4 yrs: http://www.flyatlantictravel.com/ask for Mauricio or Madellene http://www.brol.com/index.asp Boa viagem

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    http://www.orbitz.com they have a fare of $600 R/T from NYC to Sao Paulo on Varig

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    http://www.yahoo.com/travelor http://www.varig.comand click on internet bargains. I’m going to Brazil on April 24 and I always buy my tickets on Varig but this time I found a better deal on Yahoo Travel: LAX to GIG (Los Angeles to Rio) on Lan Peru for $661.90 including taxes, insurance and shipping. It usually takes about 22 hours total time to get to Rio every time I go, but on Lan Peru it will take longer because we’ll stop in Lima on the way. For me, this is going to be the longest flight but also the cheapest tickets to Rio I’ve ever got. I’ll write when I come back to tell you if it’s worth it. Natalia38819,6841550926

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    http://www.margotour.com(claudia) where I booked my flight for next week, based in Point Loma (San Diego) they have me on a flight in Dec. that was a better price than next weeks!!!!

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    “BRA, but they’re very umpredictable…” BRA flies USA-Brazil????

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    BRA only national flights…and bad flights…

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    I bought my latest ticket with Varig. I was told by someone that the ticket was cheaper because they’re in danger of bankruptcy, although I don’t know if it’s true. But who cares? It was cheaper than anything else by a long shot… :)

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    Natalia- Just curious- LAX to GIG is a 10 to 11 hour flight. Is this 22 hour flight via Hawaii or something? And what are “shipping” charges on a passenger ticket? Well, maybe a stopover in Honolulu would be a nice break.

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    Meredith, your comment is true from an article in today’s Wall Street Journal. Varig is $3-4 BILLION in debt and looking to the government for financing. According the the article, it is a political issue to be watched over the next few months as Lulu tries to balance the “importance of the airline for Brasil commerce” against a recent statement that “it is not the government’s job to help poor financial performing governments.” I was looking to book a flight through them, but I will reconsider and look to a travel agent for help… Best, Rich

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    Bill, If you know about a 10-11 hour flight straight to Rio or a LAX-GIG 22 hours long with a stopover in Hawaii, let me know!!! As far as I know, the flight from LAX to GIG would be 14 hours long if you flew straight from Los Angeles to Rio, but such flight doesn’t exist. The 22 hour period I mentioned was a total time, counting from the moment I get to the airport in Los Angeles to the moment I arrive in Rio. Of course it could take longer or less time depending on the flight you purchase. All flights to Rio stop in Sao Paulo first, and you could be waiting in Sao Paulo for a few hours according your flight schedule. For exemple: when I fly all the way on Varig, I wait about 2 hours in Guarulhos for the flight to Rio; this time, flying Lan Peru and then Varig, the waiting period will be 3 hours and 40 minutes (not to mention that prior to that, I had also been waiting in Lima for a couple of hours ). About shipping, I bought the tickets online and got them sent to me by mail. Because there will be a two different airlines flight connection, an e-ticket could not be issued since it only works if you fly the same airline all the way. Bill, you don’t travel much, do you?

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    Natalia- Actually, I travel TOO much! I did the LAX- GIG run about every 6 weeks, for the last few years (among other trips)- que saco. Sorry I misinterpreted your post- I thought you were referring to “flight time” (gate(s) to gate). I don’t know if they exist anymore, because my company has me fly on Varig (United), but some of the asian airlines had great deals from LAX to SP (Korean, JAL), which stopped in LA to pick up fuel, food, and of course, more passengers. At a great discount, to “fill the aircraft”.

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    On the website of BRA, I found no flight to or from USA. Am I wrong? If so, anyone knows another airline flying from North America? Obrigado

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    From anywhere in North America? Direct or Indirect via Houston, Miami? That would be some list!

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    You can try http://www.expedia.comto get an idea of who flies from your where ever.

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    If your destination is the NE, you might consider Copa Airlines. Flying daily from Panama to Manaus. Associated with Continental Airlines. http://www.copaair.com/ TAM has flights from Miami to Fortaleza via Manaus and Belem. Also Miami to Salvador.

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    . Bahiana772008-01-20 08:30:32

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    I always pay about $1,200us roundtrip w/open return, Orl-RJ direct, every time with two weeks notice to AAA. Sidestep always beats my AAA rate by about $100 but It’s always out of the way flights like Orl-Atl-RJ. NY, DC, Chicago people got lucky with that tourist rate Brasil enacted to increase tourism. From what I understand, Varig is no longer in business. I think Sidestep is the best and cheapest of all listed. http://www.sidestep.com Gringos.com2007-07-26 23:08:00

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    I had the best experience with http://www.brol.com I think I paid around 750 roundtrip from seattle to Sao Paulo and the ticket can be for up to 1 year. you can fly as cheap as 500 dollars from some cities. Just a word of advice though, once you book your ticket with them don’t change it through them, use the airline!

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