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    Hi everyone I know this is a long shot but I am going to give it a try anyway. I am 28 yrs old, looking for decent work in Brazil and am having trouble finding something. I have all my documents and have already held a position here. I speak Native English, good Portuguese, French and Arabic. I live in Minas Gerais but am willing to relocate any where if its decent pay. I am great salesman. I have experience in hotel managing, sales managing and teaching. If there is anyone in need of some one with my profile or knows some one who is please send me a message. Thank you

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    Ummm, Brasil is in the early stages of an unemployment epidemic, so no doubt why you’re having trouble. Nonetheless, you miss every shot you don’t take (be they long ones or short ones), so keep shooting! Wish I could help. Boa sorte!

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    With that kind of profile, look at starting something yourself. Don’t look at starting something to hire 8 minimum wage employees, but something you can actively do and sell to others.

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