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    Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do during my 8 hours layover on Gaurulhos? I wouldn’t ask if I were without my two one-year-old kids (twins). The 8 hours are during daytime. Someone any suggestions on a playground, an airport nanny or anything else before my 12 hour flight to Europe leaves so I can rest a bit -and they can loose some of their energy?
    Thanks in advance!
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    guarulhos doesn’t have much in the way of playgrounds or nannies. however, there is a lot of space to walk around, and space to sit. you could easily spend a bit of time sitting in the little nook where the food court is, go walk around the parking lot (pretty safe out there), walk upstairs to that little ledge where you can watch the planes, there is an art gallery, all these little places outside the international security. (i’ve done 12 hours between flights there with my kid). if i were you i would delay going into the international boarding zone until the last possible moment- there is *absolutely nothing* there to entertain kids, and space is always tight there (at least, the wing I always wait in is).

    I will ask in the mom’s group and see if anyone has any suggestions. the nanny is actually a good idea- maybe they know someone who’d be interested in coming and helping you out. you have a date?
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    Maybe there are some facilities in the new Terminal 3?

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    3casas: Thanks for your elaborated response! Date is July the 25th. From11 am to 7 pm.

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    I just talked to the get-stuff-done ladies and apparently there is now a drop off play center in one of the terminals. i know no more than that.

    i am asking if anyone knows any entrepreneurial-minded babysitters who might be interested in coming out to the airport that day. will keep you posted.
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    sounds like you may be in luck:

    The awesome kid’s activity area is inside the new terminal, its pay by the hour, terminal 3, according to XXXXXX. if his flight doesn’t leave from there, i am sure he is out of luck for that facility. the rest of the airport is a dead zone. however, there are the vip air lounges (tam past security inside terminal) and diners club, which is outside security. i think i remember diners club having a small kids area. you can probably buy a pass to get in there, but if he has a diners club card its free. also terminal 3 should also have a new vip lounge you can pay to enter. the airport in brasilia had one that was R$100 to enter per person, they had a very nice kids play area…i’ve seen photos and i think the vip lounge in the new terminal 3 should be up to the same standard.
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    3casas: I’ve heared that the kidszone you’re contact is talking about is not (yet) open. I leave from terminal 1 (klm). Would be great to hear about any responses from any of them entrepreneurial-baby-sitters!

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    kevin owen

    On a similar topic I have a 12 hour layover in Rio to look forward to.
    To get the earlier flight the airline wanted an extra R$900 which I just wouldn’t pay.
    I intend to go into Rio for the day but I am not sure if there is a left luggage office at the airport, does anybody know about this? Obviously I can’t lug my bags around with me all day.

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    [QUOTE=3casas]….apparently there is now a drop off play center in one of the terminals…..[/QUOTE]
    Don’t think that thoose “centers” are apropriate for two-year olds !?!?!?
    They are usually frequented by older kids, at least 4 or 5 years old.
    In your situation I would get a hotel room near the airport to spend the time there instead of wondering around that ugly airport for 6 hours !!!

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    that, Mineiro, is exactly the rest of the suggestions that have popped up since- to go pay for “day use” and spend the day at whatever nearby hotel has a pool.

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