sven van ‘t Veer

because you’ve never lived in the states is the military complex[/QUOTE]
And you know that because??????
FYI, I lived in Hamden, CT for over a year.
[QUOTE=jkennedy] It touches basically everyone, and everyone is fearful. 
And people get afraid why?
Because they are told to be afraid. US News is doing an excelent job in that field
Look at the safeguards around everything.¬†¬† “Caution this coffee is HOT”??¬†[/QUOTE]
Liebeck v. Mc Donalds, see http://www.stellaawards.com/
The 72 year old fart Stella Liebeck in 1992, spilled coffee over herself while indulging in one of those healthy Mc Donalds meals she bought from a drive through.
She won 2.7 million, and that’s why you have these warnings and that’s also why coffee at mc donalds is now luke warm.
there are cautions everywhere on the most insane things, and lawsuits in the US are over the top.¬† It’s fear, and it’s easily directed.¬†¬†[/QUOTE]
It’s not fear, it’s simple business.
Your unemployment numbers aren’t correct.¬†
And you know that because????
Visit the big cities, see what kind of lives most live. 
So you lived there?? How else would you know that.
If you’re in a white collar job, you’re doing ok.¬† If you’re in anything other, you’re in shambles.¬† It’s not a pretty life.They’ve got ballooning wage problems, with 15-20% a year raise increases.¬† [/QUOTE]
What’s a raise increase? A pleonasm maybe?
And where do you get your numbers from?
but most people would probably say china was 100x bigger, than just scraping by the US. [/QUOTE] 
I showed you the numbers, don’t you read?
They have a GDP that is approaching the US, but a population that is 4-5X bigger. [/QUOTE]
Meaning that china is 4 to 5 times cheaper than the US
They rely heavily on exports, and when they lose their competitive position, they could lose a lot of that. [/QUOTE]

Meaning they will be like the US.
How do you figure they will lose their competitive edge.
¬† They have no social welfare net, it’s every man for themselves.¬†¬† [/QUOTE]
And the US does??