August 27, 2007

We managed to catch up with Chris Coates who has gone from English Teacher to TV Producer and Presenter. He has made the first cultural programme in a series about Brazil, starting in the state of São Paulo.

1) Well Chris, that’s a big step how did you manage to get involved in television?

It’s quite unbelievable really, after my second visit to Brazil 3 years ago I had a small idea about making a programme about Brazil, to show an image other that football, carnival, the Amazon, violence and poverty. I never talked about it again until I arrived in Brazil last year and met a journalist, we started talking about this idea again and all of a sudden she introduced me to the right people and 2 weeks later we were shooting.

2) Did you have any experience on television prior to this project, if not how did you feel in front of the camera?

To be honest no, but as for working in front of the camera, it felt a bit weird at first but after a while I gained confidence. The fact that I was doing and talking about something I enjoyed made it easier.

3) Did you have any sponsorship backing?

For this programme, no, though SP Tourism helped us throughout by getting the different authorisations for us to film in São Paulo city. The tourist board of Campos do Jordão did the same too. The next programme, which is planned to be shot in Minas Gerais, will be funded by various companies.

4) Have you found a broadcaster yet?

Well, this is the challenging bit but it’s all about patience and perseverance. Our final cut was only ready three weeks ago, which I have sent to many different channels and companies. Eg – BBC, Travel Channel, Discovery, National Geographic etc. etc. We are also liaising with the departments of in flight entertainment for the major airlines that fly to São Paulo. This could be a very good opportunity.

So far, most of the companies have acknowledged receiving it, though an Internet cable channel called Holiday TV which broadcasts in the US and Europe have stated an interest in contracting us non exclusively.

All I can say is, ‘watch this space in the next three or four months’.

5) Can we view any of the programme?

Yes, go to the webpage

You will need to have windows media player and it’s best to watch it at 100% to get the best picture.

If anyone has any questions for Chris, he can be contacted at email address”

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