By Mark Taylor
Here are some of the photos from the December Meet up. I’ve made my best attempt at putting names to faces and for those I don’t know I’ve left as a dash (I apologise you excuse my poor memory!). Drop me an email with the photo number, your name and position and I’ll update.

1. David and Renata

2. Mary (Left), Chuck (Centre), Denise (Right)

3. – (Left), – (Centre Left), – (Centre Right), – (Right)

4. – (Left), Silvana (Centre Left), – (Centre Right), Christopher (Right)

5. – (Left), – (Centre Left), – (Centre Right), Kieran ( owner) (Right)

6. Right-side of table: Jacques (back of head), Denise (back of head), Mark, Luciane, Robert, Claudia. Left-side of table: Steven, Mary, Chuck, Susie, Flavio. Background

7. From left to right: Juliet, -, -, -, –

8. Christian, -, -, -, -, –

9. From left to right: foreground -, -, Juliet. Background, -, -, -, -.

10. From left to right around the table: Steven, Mary (back of head), Susie (back of head), Lee (head cut), Claudia, Luciane, Mark, Doris, Jacques.

11. From left to right: background -, -, -, -. Foreground: Juliet, Lynn, -.”

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