www.gringoes.com December Meet Up Photos

By Mark Taylor
Here are some of the photos from the December Meet up. I&rsquot;ve made my best attempt at putting names to faces and for those I don&rsquot;t know I&rsquot;ve left as a dash (I apologise you excuse my poor memory!). Drop me an email with the photo number, your name and position and I&rsquot;ll update.

1. David and Renata

2. Mary (Left), Chuck (Centre), Denise (Right)

3. – (Left), – (Centre Left), – (Centre Right), – (Right)

4. – (Left), Silvana (Centre Left), – (Centre Right), Christopher (Right)

5. – (Left), – (Centre Left), – (Centre Right), Kieran (www.gringoes.com owner) (Right)

6. Right-side of table: Jacques (back of head), Denise (back of head), Mark, Luciane, Robert, Claudia. Left-side of table: Steven, Mary, Chuck, Susie, Flavio. Background

7. From left to right: Juliet, -, -, -, –

8. Christian, -, -, -, -, –

9. From left to right: foreground -, -, Juliet. Background, -, -, -, -.

10. From left to right around the table: Steven, Mary (back of head), Susie (back of head), Lee (head cut), Claudia, Luciane, Mark, Doris, Jacques.

11. From left to right: background -, -, -, -. Foreground: Juliet, Lynn, -.”

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