By Pedro Souza, Staff Writer
April 5, 2016

If you intend to live in Brazil, you will need to get a CPF (Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas) among other documents. The CPF is used by the Receita Federal, which is the Brazilian Tax Authority, in order to store information about citizens in a database. You will need a CPF number in order to buy pretty much everything beyond basic items. When buying a car, a house, a plane ticket or when opening a bank account, your CPF number will be requested.

In order to get a CPF number, you first need to fill out an online form, which can be found at this link: Unfortunately, the form is available only in Portuguese, but this obstacle can be overcome with the help of a Brazilian or using Google Translate. When you are done filling the form for your application, print it out and take it to a bank or post office so you can pay for your CPF. It is recommended to do it in a post office, as the lines are shorter and the process is simpler.

When going to the bank or post office, remember to bring a passport and a proof of residence. Once there, you will be asked a bunch of questions. After answering them and paying R$5.70, you will be given a yellow receipt. Next, you should bring both your passport and the yellow receipt to the Receita Federal, where your CPF will be issued. Once there, you have to take a password and wait for your number to be called. The wait is quite lengthy, and can take up to a few hours in some cases, so it is recommended to bring a book or some other reading material to make the process less boring. Once your number is called, tell the attendant that you want your CPF number. They will ask for your passport and yellow receipt. If you have both of them, your number will be issued and given to you. Now that you finished the process you have your own CPF number. Congratulations, and enjoy your stay!

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