By Pedro Souza
May 22, 2017

Being the third largest city in the world, there is always something to do in São Paulo. Although the choices are endless, however, money isn’t. Fortunately, there is always something free to do if you know the right place to look. To help you with that, we have compiled some options.

Visit the Latin America Memorial: Idealized by Brazilian anthropologist Darcy Ribeiro and designed by legendary architect Oscar Niemeyer, the Latin America Memorial was created with the objective of straightening ties between Brazil and other Latin-American countries. The space is divided into a hall, an auditorium, a library and a gallery that holds art exhibitions. There are new activities and exhibitions every day, so no two visits to the memorial are the same.

Appreciate art at the Lasar Segall museum: A Jewish painter, sculptor and illustrator that migrated to Brazil in the 20’s, Segall was one of the most important artists of the modernist movement. With more than 3,000 of his original works, the Lasar Segall museum is a true delight for those who appreciate the visual arts. The museum also has a large library specialized in performing arts and photography, and it holds cultural activities such as guided visits and courses.

Watch Free concerts at Ibirapuera Park: Known as the largest park in São Paulo city, Ibirapuera attracts people from all parts of São Paulo for a whole host of different reasons. Among these reasons are the free concerts that take place in the park every-once in a while. The park is famous for its jazz concerts, but it also holds concerts from musicians that play a wide range of styles. The schedule for the concerts can be found in the auditorium’s official website.

Take a walk through Paulista Avenue: One of the main streets of São Paulo, the Paulista Avenue epitomizes the spirit of the city. One can walk through it appreciating the contrast between modern buildings and the old houses of coffee barons from other times. During the weekends, an amazingly diverse crowd gathers where the avenue crosses with Augusta street to hang out and enjoy themselves. Street musicians, performers and artisans selling handicraft add a final touch to one of the most loved hang-out spots in the city.

Check out the graffiti at the Batman’s Alley: Next to the Clínicas subway station in the Bohemian neighborhood of Vila Madalena lies Batman’s Alley. What was an alley like any other began to change when someone made a graffiti portraying Batman in the alley’s walls. The mysterious drawing attracted visual arts students, who started to make drawings and graffiti with cubist and psychedelic influences. Nowadays, the alley has turned into a gallery, with the graffiti being renewed every once in a while. Whether or not you are a fan of graffiti, it is hard to not appreciate the uniqueness and charm of Batman’s Alley.

Enjoy the view at the top of the Martinelli Building: In the heart of São Paulo, lies one of the best views of the city. While not as famous as the Banespa and the Itália Building, the Martinelli Building doesn’t have kilometric lines and can be visited for free during any time of the week.

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