Foreigners Through Brazilian Eyes

October 9, 2012 This week in our continuing Foreigners Through Brazilian Eyes series we have an interview with Antonia Sales. Read on as Antonia tells us about her impressions of foreigners, and gives some helpful advice also. 1. Where are you from in Brazil and what do you do? I am from Cear, it`s in the northeast of Brazil. 2. What are the main obstacles for foreigners in Brazil? I suppose the language and the cultural habits are tricky things when foreigners arrive in Brazil. 3. What are common mistakes that foreigners make in Brazil? Foreigners usually don`t try to adapt themselves to the way Brazilians live. I compare this, for example, when Brazilians travel abroad, we usually have to adapt ourselves to the differences. 4. What characteristic of other nationalities strikes you as the most different (eg. sense of humour, formality, dress)? The lack of sense of humour is for sure one of the main characteristics when talking about foreigners. 5. Which English accent do you prefer and why (eg. Scottish, American, Australian)? I studied American English, but in fact I prefer British accent. 6. Favourite place travelled abroad and why? I loved London. I am totally in love with this lovely city. 7. Favourite foreign food? Mexican food. 8. Favourite foreign band, book and movie? Maroon 5. 9. What is the difference between dating a Brazilian and Foreigner (if this applies to you or perhaps a friend)? I really don`t know this answer, I mean I have never dated a foreigner, but I suppose that the formality in foreigners causes a little troube when talking about dating. 10. Can you share an incident, misunderstanding or ‘culture shock’ that you have experienced with a foreigner? Once, I was in Germany and I tried to buy some products in the supermarket. But then, in the end the cashier couldn`t speak English and I couldn`t understand German. By gestures, I understood that my credit card wasn`t accepted in that supermarket. 11. What are 2 things you would recommend for a visitor to do in Brazil to better understand Brazilian people and their culture? I would ask them to try to be a little bit more smiling and talkative, good characteristics of Brazilian people. If you are Brazilian, or know a Brazilian, who has traveled abroad or has considerable experience with different nationalities here in Brazil, we would like to hear from you. Please send an email with contact details and a brief description of yourself to To read previous interviews in the Brazil Through Foreign Eyes series click below: Augusto Gomes Tatiane Silva Regina Scharf Rebecca Carvalho Augusto Uehara Ana da Silva Daniel Bertorelli Marco Cassol Ana Clark Vanessa Agricola Ubiratan S. Malta Brescia Terra Renata Andraus Ana Vitoria Joly Helio Araujo Adriano Abila Anderson Ferreira Sandra Partridge Samara Klug Szachnowicz Flavius Ferrari Daniela Ribeiro Adriano Gomes Alexandre Elizabeth Sacknus Geberson Coelho Rosaly Loula Andreas Saller Elvis Renato Barbosa Lima Bruno Santos Maria Cecilia Schmidt Maluf Marta Dalla Chiesa Cludia Ramis De Almeida Vivian Manasse Teixeira Leite Fernando Saffi Gabriela Kluppel Patrcia C. Ribeiro Fabiano Deffenti

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