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São Paulo, February 8, 2016
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Welcome to gringoes Classified Ads and message board! Personal ads (which include romance, book exchange, messages etc.) are free while commercial ads (anything where money exchanges hands, including for sale items etc.) are R$1 per word (min 25 words). Ads will be placed for a period of at least one month. Paid Ads are also included in our weekly newsletter to over 10,000 subscribers. Please contact us if you would like more info on commercial postings.

To post messages just fill out the form below, choosing the most suitable board, and making sure to complete all available spaces. To return to this page while viewing ads, click on the Ads folder in the main menu. To remove your ad just send us a message and we'll do it for you.

**Note: Ads usually appear within 24 hours of posting. If you do not see your ad posted after this period, please send it directly to gringoes@gringoes.com.

Gringoes.com takes no responsibility for content of Ads, promises made, or the quality/reliability of products or services offered.

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