Last June, Brazilian born clarinetist and saxophonist Tito Martino was invited with his whole Band, to play at the Third International Dixieland Festival in Cantanhede, a small town north of Portugal, and a renowned wine producing center. More than ten thousand people came from the neighboring towns to dance to the hot rhythm
of bands coming from Holland, Spain, England, Italy, Brazil and naturally Portugal. The Saturday Night Show put on by the Tito Martino Jazz Band, closing the Festival, was a real hit. The public danced and shouted so excitedly that Tito had to omit a second encore, and calling all jazzmen at hand to the stage, started a more calming jam-session.

Tito Martino plays enthusiastically in the tradition of the old Jazz Masters. He recorded 8 LPs and 3 CDs. Tito talked to Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington and jammed with Teddy Wilson, Oscar Peterson (this session was fortunately recorded), Wally Rose, Bob Wilber, Bob Haggart, Louis Nelson, Alvin Alcorn, Louis Barbarin, Louis Cottrell Jr. and other big names of Jazz.

After Portugal, Tito followed his tour playing with several top European Jazz Bands in Stockholm, in Askersund (Sweden) Jazz Festival, in Rapperswill (Swiss) Jazz and Blues Festival, and in the oldest and most famous Jazz Club in Europe, the Jazzland, in Vienna.

For those interested in checking all these credentials, come swing at the sounds of the hottest Band in town. The Tito Martino Jazz Band will play every Saturday night, from 9:30 pm to mid-night, at the cozy Red Horse Bar inside the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Jazz is a cultural treasury which bring us emotions, joy, sadness, surprise, spell,…” says Martino, “… our jazz is the kind of jazz that cleanses your soul… …and we want to share this treasure with you.”

WHERE: The Red Horse Bar – Crowne Plaza Hotel São Paulo
Rua Frei Caneca, 1360. For reservations tel. (11) 4501-8000
WHEN: every Saturday, beginning at 9:30 pm
PRICES: Couvert – R$20,00
Buffet/soups – R$16,00
Drinks: Mojito R$17,00; Caipirssima R$13,00; Bacardi & Cola R$15,00
The second drink is free!
Credit Cards; all, except HyperCard
Parking inside the hotel: R$5,00

To contact the Tito Martino Jazz Band:

Tel. (55 11) 3865-7514 / (55 11) 8206-5747

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