By Mark Taylor
For those who want to step outside the realm of the latest Hollywood Blockbuster you might want to checkout some of the excellent Brazilian films available to buy/rent. Other than the infamous City of God” it can be hard though to know what you’re letting yourself in for, particularly for those who don’t speak Portuguese fluently.

I recently watched, thanks to a recommendation, A Marvada Carne (1985). A Marvada Carne roughly translates as The Bad Meat. The film stars Dionsio Azevedo and Adilson Barros. The story is a relatively simple tale of a poor man in the countryside, Nh Totó (Dionsio Azevedo), who is desperate to have some meat to eat. So he decides to leave his hometown and go in search of a woman to marry, in the hope that her father will celebrate the marriage with a feast (with some meat of course). As mentioned it’s a simple tale, so don’t expect much in terms of Hollywood production values or special effects, but like all good films the fun is in the story and the characters, which are both executed well.

You also get to see a somewhat loose interpretation of the famous “Curupira”. A Curupira is a mythical creature from Brazilian legend that has its legs facing the opposite way to the rest of its body, so enters the fray with a spooky moonwalk.

I would recommend watching this via DVD (I rented from my local Blockbuster) as for those who aren’t fluent in Portuguese it has English subtitles.”

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