YouTube Denied Then Accessible Again
The story from last week, of the YouTube video of Brazilian actress Daniella Cicarelli having sex on the beach in Ibiza, has been the headliner again this week both nationally and internationally. This was mostly as Cicarelli and her boyfriend, banker Renato Malzoni, managed to get access to YouTube denied in parts of Brazil at the beginning of the week. This was via a ruling against Internet Service Providers to block the IP address of YouTube to users. The ruling did little in practical terms though as it fired even more interest and the video spread to many other providers, including Google Video. Subsequently the ruling to ban YouTube was reversed. Popular annoyance with the ban was further fuelled by Cicarelli’s denial that she was involved, and that is was her boyfriend, which was subsequently discovered to be a lie. MTV, where Cicarelli currently presents, have received thousands of emails asking for her to be fired, and there are plans this Saturday for those disgusted with Cicarelli to march on MTV’s office in São Paulo. MTV so far have refused to fire her, citing the censorship as hypocrisy.

Rains Kill Around 50
Mudslides and floods have killed around 50 people, primarily in the states of Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais. The rain finally subsided during the past weekend, and Rio’s governor has been seeking federal aid. The rain mostly affected those living in the slums perched on hillsides. Tens of thousands are still left homeless. Rains caused further problems for a dam at a mine in Minas Gerais, which burst requiring the evacuation of a town and thousands of people.

Ford Announce US$1 Billion Investment
Ford Motors have announced a planned investment of around US$1 billion dollars in Brazil, between 2007 – 2011. Ford’s South American President, Dominic DiMarco, stated that the investment shows they intend to stay competitive both nationally and internationally.

Bishops Arrested by FBI
Two bishops of the church Renascer em Cristo were arrested by the FBI, early this Tuesday morning, in the US state of Miami. The bishops were charged with tax evasion and money laundering, and as they owned property in the USA they could be arrested within US jurisdiction. The bishops will be transferred to Brazil, where they face charges.

Lula to Meet Bush
Plans have been announced for Brazil’s president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva to meet US President George Bush, in the Spring. Topics expected to be discussed include trade and energy cooperation, and Cuba and Venezuela.

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