Iran’s Pari Seeber (pictured on the right) arrived in Brazil 5 years ago with her family knowing nothing about Brazil. Since then she has been struck by the Brazilians love of children and the beach. She still misses the Bazaars of Tehran and Persian food but has sought out great substitutes in São Paulo.

Where are you from?
I was born in Tehran, Iran. I have a BA in English Literature and language from the Beheshti University. In Tehran I worked for the Finnish and Greek Ambassadors for almost 10 years. I meet and married my husband who worked as an Australian Government Trade Representative in Tehran.

What brought you to Brazil?
My husband Gerard was transferred here to assume his position as Australian Consul General for Brazil. So our family, which included our 2 year old son, moved here not knowing anything about Brazil.

What do you do here?
My son is now 7 years old and looking after him is a full time job. Apart from that, I have learned the Portuguese language fluently (almost). I have explored the center of São Paulo very well, which remind me of the Bazaar area in Tehran. I am involved in lots of sports, and I have learned to play tennis in Brazil. I also use my time to contribute with lots of charity work. I have also attended some ceramic courses.

What do you miss about Iran?
Well of course my family and friends. I also miss the moments when I used to travel through all the beautiful historical places, stroll around the old Bazaar downtown, and the Kabab food which we eat at home or in restaurants every Friday.

What do you most like about Brazil?
The love of children here is the most outstanding thing for me. I also love the beach life style, the fashion and the night life in São Paulo.

What is your favourite restaurant in Brazil?
That would be Figueira on Rua Haddock Lobo in Jardins. Even though we have tried hard there is no Persian restaurant in São Paulo.

Have you tried feijoada and churrascarias here in Brazil? Did you like them?
Yes I have, but to be honest, feijoada is not my piece of cake. However, I do love churrascarias with my favourite place, Barbacoa in Itaim.

What difference between Iran and Brazil do you find most striking?
The bathing suit.

What are 2 things you would recommend to do for a visitor to São Paulo?
Dine out and to shop. I also recommend visiting the beautiful markets on the weekends and the museums.

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