Holland’s Frank de Meijer arrived in Brazil six years ago on a two-year exchange program with his company. He has since settled in Sao Paulo where he loves the challenging work environment, but is still coming to grips with Brazilians inability to say ‘no’. He misses the flower shows in Holland along with the clogs, but enjoys playing a game of soccer with his mates.

Where are you from?
I was born in Zundert in the Netherlands and lived in Gorinchem before moving to Brazil 6 years ago.

What brought you to Brazil?
I was originally sent for a period of 2 years, as part of an exchange program, within my company Ernst & Young.

What do you do here?
I am a tax partner at Ernst & Young Brazil with specialty in Customs & International Trade. I lead a team of 10 Brazilian tax specialists.

What do you miss about Holland?
Cheese, drop (candy), peanuts butter and ice skating in the winter. And off course the tradition Dutch things, like the windmills and clumps (not really). Also missing my family, friends and the flower parade in my home town Zundert on the first Sunday of September.

What has been your most frustrating experience in Brazil?
Things can take a long time to get started in Brazil and that Brazilians never say “no”, although they do mean it sometimes.

What do you most like about Brazil?
The weather, the beaches, the nature and of course the people. Besides this, the food and the challenging environment for doing business.

What is your favorite restaurant in Brazil?
Bar de Arts which is close to our office in Itiam.

Have you tried Brazilian food such as feijoada, churrasco and caiparhina? Did you like them?
Yes, already too much.

What difference between Holland and Brazil do you find most striking?
Arriving on time and not respecting a deadline or an appointment

What are some things that you would recommend for a visitor to do in Sao Paulo?
Running in Park Ibirapueara, cycling at UPS, walking through the old town (not taking too much money with you), visiting Aryton Senna’s cemetery and the market in Embu and last but not least, play soccer against the Dutchies as we always do on Sunday mornings.

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