Brazilian ADRS are the most traded on the NYSE says Reginaldo Alexandre of the Association of Capital Markets Analysts and Investment Professionals, APIMEC

SO PAULO: April 9, 2007

Foreign investors interest in Brazilian companies has not only stoked the current boom on the São Paulo stock exchange, the Bovespa, but has also increased interest in ADRs traded in New York. Reginaldo Alexandre, vice president of the Association of Capital Markets Analysts and Investment Professionals (APIMEC) says Brazilian companies are now leading the ranking of ADRs and that Petrobras is the highest traded ADR of all companies. In an interview with the Brazil Political Comment site, he said: Two years ago Brazilian ADRs came fourth but they have risen in the ranking. Between January and October 2006, a volume of US$214.9 million in Brazilian ADRs was traded compared with US$195.4 for UK companies and R$106.360 for Chinese companies. By comparison, Japanese ADRs were in ninth place. That’s a pretty impressive achievement.” Alexandre also discusses the success of the Novo Mercado, which highlights better corporate governance practices, and provides some tips on promising sectors.

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