More than 350,000 people from 41 countries took part in the world’s largest ever survey of sexual attitudes and behavior undertaken by condom makers Durek. This year is the first time that Brazil has been included in the annual survey. You might be surprised to see where Brazil finished in the rankings.

The research confirmed France is now officially the sexiest state with the French having sex 137 times a year – well above the global average of 103 – with Greece and Hungary coming a close second and third. Brazil is below average in 32nd place with a frequency of 96 times a year. Europeans also win hands down in turning their partners on. Topping the table are the British, who spend 22.5 minutes on foreplay, followed by the Germans. Here Brazil finishes mid table with a respectable 19.6 minutes spent on foreplay. In many countries, foreplay is increasingly likely to include such sexual enhancers as pornography, vibrators, pleasure enhancing condoms and lubricants.

Find below some of the more interesting outcomes from the survey.

  • More than half of men globally (59%) would be willing to take the male contraceptive pill – but less than half of women would trust a man to take it responsibly. Brazilian men are most likely to use the male contraceptive pill (81%) – although only 64% of women would trust them to do so

  • People worldwide are having sex for the first time at an average age of 17.7. Icelanders are having sex younger than those in any other country (15.7), followed by the Germans (16.2), the Austrians (16.3) and then the Brazilians (16.4)

  • While more than a third (35%) have an orgasm every time they have sex, men are far more likely to do so than women – 45% compared to 17%. Italians are the most likely to reach a climax on every occasion (61%). More than one in 10 Chinese (11%) have never had an orgasm. Brazil finished in 6th place (51%)

  • A quarter of people have faked an orgasm in the past 12 months – although there is a major difference between the sexes with almost four in 10 women (39%) faking it compared to 17% of men

  • People around the world have had an average number of 10.5 sexual partners. The Chinese have had more sexual partners than anyone else – 19.3 compared with the Brazilians in second place (15.2). Those in Vietnam have had the fewest sexual partners – 2.5

  • More than a quarter (27%) own a vibrator or intimate massager. Icelanders are most likely to use vibrators (52%), with Brazil way down the list in 32nd place with 13%

  • Globally, people are having sex an average of 103 times a year with women (106) having sex more frequently than men (101). The French (137) are having the most sex, while those in Japan (46) the least. Surprisingly, Brazil finished in 32nd place with a frequency of 96.

  • On average, people across the world spend 19.7 minutes on foreplay with men claiming to spend more time than women – 20.2 and 18.8 respectively. The British spend the most time on foreplay (22.5 minutes), the Thais spend the least amount of time (11.5 minutes) while Brazil finished in 21st place with an average of 19.6 minutes.

  • A toned body (14%) – with the bottom (15%) and breasts and chest (14%) in particular – are the sexiest features. Men focus most on the breasts while women think eyes are the most sexy. Brazilians favour; attitude (17%), breasts/chest (14%) and bottom (13%)

    To see the complete survey check the website

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