By Alison McGowan
October 2, 2009

The Casa do Amarelindo calls itself a hotel and it is definitely a boutique hotel in terms of luxury. The 10 suites are all spacious with box spring beds, excellent power showers, hairdriers and beauty products in the bathroom. Some have whirlpool baths, and some have balconies, but all have double glazed windows which keeps outside noise to an absolute minimum.

At the same time the Amarelindo is definitely a pousada in terms of charm and atmosphere. French owners Gilles and Didier, refurbished the original colonial house from scratch keeping adding internal tropical gardens, 2 bars and a roof top swimming pool with fabulous views across the bay. Decoration is truly Bahian with strong colours, paintings and sculptures by local artists. The bustle of the historical centre is right outside, but once you are back in the Casa do Amarelindo in the care of its friendly and super attentive staff, you can forget the world outside and just relax in peace.

About the Location
The Casa do Amarelindo is situated right in the historical centre between the Terreira do Jesus and the main Pelourinho square. Salvador itself used to be the capital of Brazil and buildings and particular churches in this area reflect the magnificence of a bygone age of gold and glory – and a rather less salubrious history of slavery. Over 6 million slaves came in to Brazil through Salvador and the African influence is still aboundingly evident in culture, customs, and religion.

Over the last 40 years there have been periods when the local governments has invested in the upkeep of the area, encouraging the refurbishment of colonial buildings and investing in cleaning and policing. Regrettably the present government does not see this as a priority, hence the rundown feel of the area, the dirt, and the return of hustlers, beggars. If you can ignore the poverty and problems for at least the period of your stay, there are a million and one interesting things to do in this area. If this bothers you, much better to stay down in one of the beach areas and just do a guided tour.

Not to be Missed
– Igreja São Francisco (San Francisco church)
– Tuesday evening blessing of the city with concerts after
– Mama Bahia and Sorriso da Dada for muqueca
– Guided tour round the historical centre
– Universo Brasil tours with Luiz

* Gourmet restaurant and wonderful caipirinhas
* Super attentive service
* Bahian style & decoration
* Pool and bars at sunset
* Views over the bay and lower city

Try a Different Place if…
… you have difficulty walking or don’t like seeing poverty up close

Alison is a British writer, musician, and marketing consultant, based in Rio de Janeiro. She can be contacted on Visit her site at

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