By Alison McGowan
August 17, 2009

The Casarao Amazonia is very difficult to miss – in every sense. An imposing, totally refurbished, colonial house, painted a bright light blue, it stands out in a town of wide largely unasphalted avenues and simple one-story houses. But it is not to be missed in another sense too – for its 10 spacious and super comfortable suites, its fabulous food, courtesy of Rosa and Gustavo, and its impeccable service. Add that to the Italian style, the lovely Brazilian touches of woodwork and ceramics, the swimming pool with whirlpool, the free wi-fi which actually works, and the Casarao really ranks as one of the top pousadas we have ever stayed in.

About the Location
The Ilha de Marajo is the biggest island in the Marajo archipelago, which at 500,000 square kilometers is the largest marine archipelago in the world. Although inhabited by Marajo Indians as long as 1500 years ago, this is very much an undiscovered paradise these days – a place where you can find excellent beaches, forests, wetlands, rivers and the most incredible variety of flora and fauna, starting with the ubiquitous water buffalo which roam, seemingly wild, down the spacious grassy avenues of the capital city of Soure. This is a place to come with time – to visit the beaches, walk in the forest, visit local fazendas, and boat down the river. Take superb local guide Jedilson – and he will find you sloths and alligators and monkeys and birds in places where you would never ever think of looking. Back in town you’ll need space in your luggage for the amazing woodwork and ceramics of local artisan Ronaldo Guedes. Marajo overall? A special place of wonderful surprises, and one we definitely didn’t want to leave. A golden closure to our Amazon trip.

Not to be Missed
– the flocks of red guara in October and November
– the boat trips, beaches and fazendas
– ceramics and woodwork at Ronaldo Guedes
– homemade pasta and pizza at the pousada

Starpoints and caveats
* excellent pousada cuisine – both Brazilian and Italian
* fabulous swimming pool and open bar
* superb service

Try a different place if…
… you prefer rustic to chic, or you prefer jungle lodge style

Alison is a British writer, musician, and marketing consultant, based in Rio de Janeiro. She can be contacted on Visit her site at

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