By Mark Taylor
Although not a traditional Brazilian holiday, Halloween is increasingly celebrated here. Of course the primary influence for Halloween is North American, who themselves were influenced by their Celtic immigrants.

One place you’re likely to see Halloween celebrated is at one of the many English schools around São Paulo. They can go to surprising amounts of effort, including outfit competitions, decorations (with the inevitable pumpkins, spiders webs and witches brooms), and trick and treat, albeit typically localised to classes in the school.

Children aren’t the only ones to celebrate, and you are likely to see some bars and clubs, and even Bingo halls getting in on the Halloween action and being suitably decorated as well as running corresponding events.

If you are aware of any Halloween events you would like to advertise please contact us at with “Halloween” in the subject. Here are the events we have so far:

The American Society of São Paulo Halloween Party for Adults!!!

AmSoc is teaming up with the English Speaking Union in hosting their annual Halloween Fun Party for adults!!!

When? October 29th
What Time? from 8 PM to 1 AM
Where? At the British Cultural Center
How Much? Tickets for the party will be R$120 per person, including drinks and dinner

Have fun in a costume while contributing to multiple causes. The split revenue from the event will provide the ESU with money for scholarships for Brazilians to study in Anglophone countries, and will provide money for AmSoc’s chosen charities.

The evening will include drinks, dinner, dancing, and lots of spooking!!

Tables can be reserved for eight to 10 people. There will be a “Novice Vampires” section as well, where four or more tables will be especially reserved for singles and young couples.

For more information, contact Marlene Rubeiz (3815-3762)
To make reservations, call AmSoc (5182-2074) or e-mail

Don’t miss AmSoc’s first year participating in the Halloween Fun Party!

Parque Monica

The famous “Parque Monica” for children, based around the legendary comic created by Mauricio de Souza, has several new events especially for Halloween aside from the rest of the park, including themed characters such as ghosts, mummies and vampires, a scary house, and an animated cemetry.

Other programmed activities include “Dance of the broom”, Hot Pumpkin, among others.

Ticket Price: R$ 27.90, crianas; R$ 19.90 adultos.
Open: Monday to Friday, 10h to 17h; Saturday, 10h to 21h; Sunday, 10h to 20h.
Location: Avenida Rebouas, 3970. Shopping Eldorado. Pinheiros
Tel: 3093-7766


The famous São Paulo theme park has been holding a special “Halloween Kids” party during October, that finished on the 15th November.

This mixes Brazilian folklore, Halloween traditions, and fun games.

Staff will help children produce items that relate to Brazilian folklore.

There will also be a special Halloween show with “Familia do Terror” (the Terror Family).

Ticket Price: R$ 27.00
Open: Monday to Friday, 12h to 20h; Saturdays and Sundays, 11h to 20h.
Location: Rua Jos Gomes Falcão, 20. Barra Funda.
Tel: 5696-2822 / 3350-0199

Halloween Festival at Caf Aurora

The club Caf Aurora is running a special Halloween Festival on the 29th of October with an open bar and breakfast served at 5am for those who stay long enough.

Aside from the live music and decoration there will be a show with monsters, skeletons, beasts, and coffins.

The club itself has two floors, with a bar on each floor.

Ticket price: Up to 29/10 R$20 for Men, R$15 for Women. On the door R$25 for Men, R$20 for Women.
Time: 22h to 06h
Location: Rua Treze de Maio, 112. Bela Vista.
Tel: 3214-6420

Kia Ora Pub

Recently voted best Pub by Veja, Kia Ora is Australian and Kiwi in style, with a balcony in the shape of a Boomerang.

They are holding a special Halloween night on the 2nd November (Wednesday), where you can buy 5 pints of Guiness and get a free a T-sirt.

Location: Rua Dr. Eduardo de Souza Aranha, 377.
Tel: 3846-8300

Lone Star

The Lone Star Tex-Mex bar/restaurant will be having a Halloween night on the 29th October (Saturday).

If you go suitably dressed for Halloween you’ll get a free drink.

Location: Alameda Ministro Rocha Azevedo, 1096. Jardim Paulista
Entry price: R$15.00
Time: 18h to late

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