By Mark Taylor
Those of you keeping a weather eye on Google Maps may well have spotted in the last few weeks that road data has been added, for the entire country! (Technically the road data was added at the end of September according to the Google Maps API Blog)

Unfortunately, and unlike the “competition” such as and, there’s currently no facility to search for roads, just the ability to search for major cities e.g. São Paulo. So this makes it still a step away from any real practical use. It seems that Apontador may well be sensing the competition as their site has also recently undergone a revamp, and their map system has become easier to use.

Even so, the combination of the satellite photos and road data (the “hybrid” view) at Googel Maps is interesting, particularly for those areas that have high resolution satellite data. It can be fun to play “spot my home”! Hopefully Google have plans to add road searching, as well as adding the road data and searching to the excellent Google Earth.

Sites are already springing up around the system. Google for starters has its own community system which you can add as a layer to Google Earth. This allows users to add points they think might be of interest, but turning on the layer is usually not helpful as it chokes the maps with data, some irrelevant and duplicated. Google need to work on filtering this. Then there are other sites, like, which have guides to Brazil centred around linking to Google Maps.

There’s one useful function already within Google Maps though which is the ability to at least provide a link to the area you’re viewing, if you just click the link button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Then you can copy and paste the link from your browser. You can at least direct a friend or whoever it might be to a vague area.

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