By Jeremy Clark
April 15, 2015

This past November I headed back to Brazil for my vacation, this was my eighth trip there. Since I was young, I have always been interested in aircraft, I must have built every plastic model not to mention a remote controlled plane which took me a year to build. When I picked up Timothy Goods book “Above Top Secret” in the early 1990s, I was fascinated by the subject of UFOs, not meeting ETs, but the craft themselves and their propulsion systems.

So it was a natural for me to attend the UFOZ world UFO conference in Foz Iguau this past November. I must admit, if I was visiting Brazil for the first time, Foz Iguau would be a great place to start. The falls are out of this world, they dwarf Niagara falls in Canada where I come from. Also the park is immaculate and a great place to try eco tourism. The bird park is also a must, I am sure the makers of Walt Disneys Rio went there to create “Blue”. The conference was well organized and they had speakers from all over the world. There was a professor from Norway who explained the famous Hessdalen Lights and several fighter pilots who had actually encountered UFOs. If you werent a believer before, you sure would be after. It is kind of fitting that UFOs would be a subject of interest to Brazilians, considering their long affilation with aviation. Alberto Santos-Dumont was one of the first inventors of the aeroplane, with his famous 14 BIS.

I always find that each trip to Brazil is always a big adventure for me, I always expect to run into Colonel Fawcett emerging from the brush, and I have never been disappointed.

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