By Mark Taylor
For those who have access to the AXN channel, the first season of the publicly and critically acclaimed Lost (from the USA’s ABC network) is being repeated again, starting 9pm today (Monday, 22nd).

At the start of the story, after a somewhat mysterious sequence of events, a flight from Sydney to LA crashes on what appears to be a deserted island. The survivors of the crash have no idea whether they will be found, and so set about trying to survive on the island, with all the inevitable character clashes. The story of the main characters prior to the crash are told in flashback as the series progresses, giving more depth and adding to the reasons behind the characters motives on the island. It also starts to become clear that the reason for them being on the island may not be accidental after all.

Lost inevitably feels like a mix of Robinson Crusoe, Lord of the Flies, and even reality TV such as Survivor. But is in itself a relatively different TV series and something unique.

For those who miss Monday’s episode, it is repeated at 11am and 4pm on Tuesday (23rd), as well as Sunday (28th) at 8pm.
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