By Pedro Souza
May 31, 2016

Florianopólis, popularly called Floripa, is the capital city of the southern state of Santa Catarina. The city is composed of the island of Santa Catarina, a continental part and the surrounding islands, with a population of roughly 450,000 people. A recent tourism boom shows that foreigners are finally becoming aware of the wonders of Floripa, which is easily one of the best travelling destinations in Brazil. The 50 kilometers long island that makes up most of the city has more than 40 stunning sand beaches, which attract people from all over the world.

From popular beaches where one can meet friendly people, eat seafood or drink a few beers to secluded beaches hidden amongst waving dunes, Floripa has beaches for all different tastes. There are also plenty of good spots for surfing in the city. One of the world’s most notorious surfing events, the Santa Catarina Pro, takes place in annually in Floripa. If you are interested in trying the sport, the Barra da Lagoa beach is a good spot for beginners. Another sport that is quite popular there is sandboarding. The city has many majestic sand dunes, and for as little as U$5, tourists can rent a board and enjoy themselves surfing down these dunes. This is a great way to have a fun evening and get fit as well. Carrying your board up a sand dune is a lot more tiring than it sounds.

There are also secluded beaches that can only be reached by hiking, and the outskirts of Floripa offer plenty of trails for outdoors lovers. If you have a vehicle, another option is driving to the São Joaquim National Park, which offers 50,000 acres of forest, rivers, waterfalls and wildlife. Just be sure to bring a guide or to be careful if you want to avoid getting lost in the park.

In the southwest of the city, there is a fishing village known as Ribeirão da Ilha. Known for its well-preserved and colorful colonial style houses, and the beautiful church of Nossa Senhora, it is one of the favorite tourist spots. The village is also notorious for the local handicraft and the delicious fresh oysters that are found there, which gives an opportunity to make a stop there for lunch. In the center of the Santa Catarina Island, one will find the Conceição Lagoon, one of the best spots in the city. This magnificent lagoon is known as one of the best windsurfing spots in the country, and the nightlife in the surrounding area attracts people from all over the city. There is also a rustic fishing village in the lagoon known as Costa da Lagoa, which is definitely worth a visit.

As if its dazzling beaches aren’t enough, Floripa is also known for its buzzing nightlife. The city is full of bars, pubs and clubs, where one can drink, dance and flirt at will. Whether you enjoy rock, samba, rap or house music, you will be sure to find out that Floripa more than lives up to its reputation as one of the best partying spots in Brazil. The city also has one of the best carnaval parties, despite Rio getting all the hype. Whether in the clubs, beaches or in the streets, you are sure to have a great time when the parties hit the city.

With all of this and much more, the city makes for a great destination. Whether you are looking for adventure, sports, nature, partying or simply for a place to relax, Floripa won’t disappoint you. If you ever have the opportunity, come pay a visit and find out for yourself what the hype is all about!

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