March 6, 2009

The first full festival to celebrate Irish culture will be held in São Paulo (and other cities too) from 17 to 27 March.

It will begin on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17 (Ireland’s National Day). The ambassador, Michael Hoey, will be present for the opening ceremony of the festival, entitled Cara Irlanda”. There will be a whole series of events aiming to bring the many faces of Ireland to people in São Paulo and Brazil and to provide an authentic immersion into Irish culture.

It is organised by the Irish Institute website.

Irish cuisine is already prominently featured at Mulligan(restaurant and pub) in Porto Alegre.

At the ‘Memorial do Imigrante’
James Concagh, a radical Irish artist based in Brazil, presents the show entitled “Recent Works” as part of the “Cara Irlanda” festival in the ‘Memorial do Imigrante’, São Paulo. There are 15 works (120cm by 150cm and 150cm by 150cm) employing a technique of mixing directly onto the canvas.

The opening of the exhibition will be at 11 am on 21 March with a speech by Munira Mutran – a professor at the University of São Paulo (USP). The ambassador, Michael Hoey, will also be present. The exhibition is open to the public until April 26, from 11:00 to 17:00. Free.

The prize-winning dance group ‘Banana Broadway’ will present an Irish dance spectacular at the ‘Memorial do Imigrante’ on Saturday, March 21, at 13:30. Free.

On Saturday, March 28, there will be two short visual presentations about Ireland and Dublin – and also a special presentation about the ‘Celtic Woman’ band (filmed during a sell-out concert in the Helix Center, Dublin). The latter brings together five exceptional singers/musicians singing Irish traditional songs, both popular and classical. From 14:00. Free.

Complete program (at the Irish Institute website).

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