August 16, 2007

This is a question often raised with many smiles and laughter at parties outside of Brazil. A Brazilian Wax” seems to be all the rage everywhere in the world, with franchises and businesses for Brazilian Waxing starting up all over the place. To confirm the common use of the term Brazilan Wax it even has it’s own Wikapedia reference.

So can you please tell us, WHAT IS A BRAZILIAN WAX CALLED IN BRAZIL?


Oi, David

The name for Brazilian Wax here is “virilha inteira”, it would be something as the “whole groin” area.


Reader’s Comments:

Thought you might all be interested to know that the Brazilian wax didn’t start in Brazil… it started in Turkey. Adult woman of all ages have been going bare for hundreds of years (maybe more). Getting waxed is part and parcel of being a woman here… It’s even part of the premarriage ritual. Even grandmas do it. And many men as well.
And you thought the Middle East was conservative!

— Robin Sparks (in Istanbul, Turkey)

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