August 23, 2011

This is our regular column called Ask a Brazilian”, the idea being that you can quite literally ask a question of a Brazilian – for those issues you aren’t sure about but perhaps dare not ask someone else. It is meant as a bit of fun and answers should not be construed as expert opinion or the definitive reply on the matter. For that reason we ask you to please send your own comments and experiences in order to add to our replies.

I’d like to know what Brazilians think of the asylum given to Cesare Battisti. Do they think giving asylum to a convicted terrorist and murderer will affect their demands to become a permanent member of the security counsel of the UN and what impact it will have on their relationship with Italy, a long standing partner of Brazil, and origin of many Brazilians themselves. Does this not send out a message that Brazil is a haven for criminals?

— Emile

Nice question! I love the topic, though I am not so political to give you the proper answer maybe, and to also understand what the hell is going on with the Battisti case. My opinion is, before anything else, Battisti must have good friends in Brasilia, and that keeps him well protected in this ‘heaven’ you mention about. Now, I can’t tell you what friends they are, and why they are so close, and what else is involved in that friendship. Is that… money? Partnership? Who could say for sure? Journalists, the newspapers, no decent Brazilian agrees with that idea. Do not confuse Brazilians with some of our corrupt politicos. I don’t know where are you from, but if you are American, I’m sure it wouldn’t be correct to compare you with George Bush, right? In my personal opinion, I think Battisti should go to hell. Heaven isn’t for him.

Best regards,


I have some questions about Brazilian men and romance.

Well to start off, my boyfriend is from Brazil and I am from the US, however my parents are Guatemalan. Therefore I am an American Hispanic because I was born here and lived here all my life, but my parents taught me Spanish. I know English and Spanish and a little Portuguese. I love my boyfriend and he loves me too, we one day wish to get married.

My question is, what do Brazilian men think of American Hispanics? Do Brazilian men cheat? Do they like Latinas born in America? Do they see us more as American or as Hispanic people from Spanish speaking countries? Do they not care and love whoever they love?

Thanks! Obrigada! :)

— Deya

Hello Deya,

I can see you are worried about your Brazilian boyfriend, but I can’t understand why.

You ask me what Brazilian men think of American Hispanics? I think, as any men elsewhere, they think that they are gorgeous, sexy women. That’s all they think. I have some friends living in Miami and they were never as happy as with the Columbianas they met there. I even remember some of they said they are the sexiest women alive! Also, Deya, listen, he is Brazilian, don’t you know about Brazil? No one is 100% white or black in Brazil. This doesn’t matter. I can tell you for sure, a Brazilian man doesn’t care where you are from. (Unless you have a mustache :)

Now, do Brazilian men cheat? Well, well, well, some of them yes. Some say the majority of them. There is even a guy that wrote for us that is studying about that and he says definitely. But really, truly, I disagree. There’s no such thing as all Brazilian men cheat. At all. People are different, so are Brazilian men. So, if you trust your boyfriend, keep it that way, cos he might be this one great guy that doesn’t cheat, and happens to be from Brazil and also happens to loves you.

Good luck with everything,


Readers comments:

Regarding the question about Battisti, in the answer, there is an understandable misinterpretation of the word “haven” for “heaven” (i.e. “…Brazil is a haven for criminals”).

While “heaven” obviously would mean “cu” in Portuguese, the word “haven” actually means “refgio” or “porto seguro”. In other words, the question asks whether giving asylum to Battisti would give the impression of Brazil being a “refgio” for criminals. Not heaven. Just a detail, but an important one in this case.

— John

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