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São Paulo, February 12, 2016


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Brazil: Sao Paulo Copa Gringos 2014

November 12, 2013

The Copa Gringos project was realised by Stéphane Darmani, a frenchman passionate about football, who has lived in São Paulo for 10 years. In 2009 he created a very original tournament, the Virada de Futebol, the only championship which occurs overnight in São Paulo, where 32 teams face each other from 10pm to 6am.

"I‘ve Created the Virada de Futebol because Sao Paulo is a 24 hour-city, it never stops. Likewise right now I am organizing the Copa Gringos, because Sao Paulo is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Over 70 nationalities are represented in São Paulo... in other words, the whole world is in São Paulo! With the World Cup coming up and making its debut in the state capital, the timing is ideal to provide a "world league for foreigners" of São Paulo."

The event will start after Carnival, with a large get-together party among the 32 teams. A launch marked by the draw of 8 groups of 4 teams, just like the professionals.

"It will be a great gathering of the "gringos of São Paulo" that will end with the same ritual in major professional competitions: the drawing of groups, with the colored balls drawn by the innocent hand of the godfather of the event, a famous player whose name will be published at the end of the year."

The type of football Will be "Futebol Society", played on synthetic fields with 7 players on each side. From March to May, the teams will face each other within the same competition format as the World Cup: group stage (3 matches), round of 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals and the final.

The Virada de Futebol, with over 1,000 matches organized, brought us a lot of experience and a network of selected partners: referees, support, medical assistance, etc.

Saturday June 7th is the date for the grand final, followed by the closing ceremony of the event with the awards and trophies, just 3 days before the grand opening of the FIFA World Cup in Itaquerão.

Stéphane Darmani producer‘s, La Vista, have the support of the French Consulate in Sao Paulo through the press office and the Consul, Mr. Damien Loras, who have communicated the event to more than 50 consulates present in the capital São Paulo.

The first step in the campaign is to publicize the event, inviting foreign players from Sao Paulo to assemble and register their team on the event's website.

Beginning: 15/03/2014 - End: 07/06/2014
São Paulo (complex Futebol Society, to be defined)
32 teams in each category.
2 Categories : Adults (16 to 35 years) - Veterans (>35 years)
Registration: From September 1st
Info: www.queremosjogar.com.br

Contact : Stéphane Darmani and Marcelo Sturar
Fone 9 8220 0088 - sdarmani@gmail.com, marcelo@la-vista.net


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