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Advertising at Gringoes.com

Who advertises at Gringoes.com?
  • Individuals or families with items to sell e.g. when moving home, selling secondhand items etc.

  • Foreign or Brazilian businesses with a service they want to target at foriengers living or travelling in Brazil. We offer a full range of options for the small business through to large multinationals.

  • Other web sites who want to advertise their site can get high visibility through us.

What does Gringoes.com offer?
  • Gringoes.com is Brazil‘s largest English-language web guide, with over 1500 articles, and a wide range of other general information.

  • We are highly ranked on both Google and Yahoo, and regularly crawled. A search on Google with "brazil guide" normally places Gringoes.com in first or second place.

  • An advert placed on the site will be found in a few hours by a Google search, if not within minutes.

  • We have been on the air since January 2001, growing a large readership, with over 80,000 unique visitors per month producing over 1.2 million pageviews.

  • Readers typically browse the site for a substantial amount of time.

  • Our weekly newsletter is sent out to over 11,000 registered users.

  • Our target audience is mainly in the 30 to 50 age-bracket, well traveled, high-income earners and Internet savvy, using it as their prime information source about Brazil.

  • The majority of our readers are American or European, but we have many readers from other parts of the world, all with a keen interest in Brazil.

Advertising Options

  • Homepage (Full and Quarter size). Potentially on random rotation, with up to 3 non-competing banners per slot.

  • Category (Full and Quarter size). Potentially on random rotation, with up to 3 non-competing banners per slot.

  • Email newsletter: (Full and Quarter size). No rotation. Email newsletter sent to 11,000 subscribers.

Note: Website banners are for a minimum 6 month period. Newsletter banners are for a minimum 3 month period.

Banner Specifications: Full Banner = 468 x 60 pixels (max 12kb). Quarter Banner = 120 x 60 pixels (max 4kb).

These are posted in our Service category. Advertisements are placed in the appropriate subcategory. If a suitable subcategory does not already exist, we will create one specially for you.
  • Box Advert Format: We will mount the advert. You just need to send us the information. You can include twenty words of text, a logo or image and a link to your webpage.

  • Text/Image Format: If you prefer you can include a text advert with accompanying image/logo. In this case you can include more text, up to 150 words.

Note: Service adverts have a minimum 3 month contract. For longer periods we can offer a discount on the monthly price. Please enquire for more information.

  • Website: Adverts in the Classifieds section of the website cost R$1.00 per word (min R$25.00) per month. Discounts apply for periods longer than 1 month.

  • Newsletter: Classified adverts in our email newsletter cost R$1.00 per word (min R$25,00) per edition (weekly). Discounts apply for multiple editions.


"The ad I placed on gringoes was the GREATEST help in everything I sold before moving back to the US! Wonderful service!"

-- Christie

"I received over 40 CVs from the Ad I placed on Gringoess last week and I've already chosen the teacher. Gringoes.com RULES!"

-- Vinny

"I‘m glad to say i sold my apartment through the ad on your site! Thanks a bunch."

-- John

If you would like to post an advert or require more information contact gringoes@gringoes.com

Website Statistics

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Hits: 2,260,507
Total Pageviews: 543,412
Unique Visits: 113,485
Average Length of Visit: 8 minutes


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