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São Paulo, February 13, 2016


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Are you a "Gringo" (foreigner) living in or travelling around Brazil with experiences you would like to write about, or with advice to offer? Are you a Brazilian who would like to explain about Brazil to foreigners, and help give advice on what to do, and where to go? Perhaps you just write a frequent blog about Brazil, and would be interested in publishing some of this on our site?

If you are interested in writing an article, or series of articles, or posting your blog content on Gringoes.com we are interested in hearing from you! Don‘t be shy! All we ask is that the articles are focused on Brazil, will be of interest to foreigners either travelling or living here, and are written in English. If you are unsure about a topic then drop us an email or a draft article. Unfortunately we can‘t offer payment for any article, but if you offer a service or have a website we can give you a free plug within the article. Send your articles or any questions to gringoes@gringoes.com with "articles" in the subject.


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