By Pedro Souza, Staff Writer
September 26, 2015

An alternative paradise in the state of Minas: Come taste the magic of Sao Thome das Letras.

Located near Trs Coraes, in the state of Minas Gerais, So Thom das Letras is truly a wonder to behold. The best way of getting there is through the Ferno Dias highway, which connects São Paulo and Belo Horizonte. From the highway, one should exit at the city of Trs Coraes and then take the MG-868 road to So Thom.The city lies at the peak of a mountain 1.444 meter above sea levels, surrounded by rolling hills that are full of rivers, waterfalls and caves ready to be explored. The name of the city comes from a local legend, which tells the tale of a runaway slave that entered a cave and found a statue of Saint Thomas.

So Thom is famous for harboring many alternative lifestyles. The city is full of artists and hippies, which form a vibrant and welcoming community. Some also say that So Thom is one of the 7 points of energy of the planet, which attracts many mystics, spiritualists and lovers of the esoteric. This esotericism is quite present in the city. Walking around, one sees places for yoga, meditation, crystal healing and even shamanic rituals. UFO sightings are also very common there, attracting UFO enthusiasts as well.

For those that enjoy partying, the night is very lively there. The city is full of bars playing rock, reggae and other styles of music, and most of them offer free entrance. For those that know how to play, there are even bars that allow you to play with your band or join in with the other musicians. The cachaa from So Thom is also extremely good and cheap, and enthusiasts can find quite a variety of cachaas available. Late-night partiers can also join in the tradition of watching the sunset from the pyramid, a small watchtower located at the very top of the city that offers a dazzling view from the hills around the city.

So Thom is also a great destination for the outdoors lovers. The city is surrounded by mountains that can be freely explored. Those that are adventurous are even free to explore them outside the walking trails, as the lack of thick vegetation makes it easy to do so without getting lost. These mountains are also full of waterfalls such as Shangri-l, Vale das Borboletas, Eubiose and Antares. There are also many grottos that can be explored. Some examples are Gruta do Sobradinho (Sobradinhos Grotto), Gruta So Thom (So Thoms Grotto) and Gruta do Carimbado (Carimbados Grotto).

Those that plan to visit So Thom can stay in inns or in the camping sites around the city. For those that want to focus on the outdoors and have no problem camping, it is recommended to do so. Most campsites have bathrooms and restaurants, and prices are quite cheap, usually at roughly R$ 20 a day. The city is within walking distance from most campsites, so camping isnt much of an obstacle for those who also want to visit it. Drinking and eating in So Thom is quite cheap as well, making it a great choice for those who want to travel at a low budget. But whether you want to visit So Thom for its nature, culture or music, it is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience.

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