amazonas222By Pedro Souza
October 30th, 2016

The state of Amazonas is located in the northwest of Brazil, and is in large part occupied by the amazon rainforest. Like in every other state, locals have developed unique slangs and expressions. If you ever plan on going there, you might as well become familiar with these expressions and impress some locals in the process. Below, we have made a compilation of the slangs and expressions used by Amazonenses in their daily life.

Lavar Urubu (Washing Vultures): When an Amazonense is unemployed, he is washing vultures.
Fanta: When something is boring or bland, it is fanta.
Aploprado: Something exaggerated.
Leso: A person who often gets distracted and/or forgets or loses things is a leso.
Leseira: When the leso’s distraction manifests itself, he has committed a leseira.
Malinar: To malinar is to gratuitously commit a wrongdoing or to do harm to someone.
Maceta: If something is abnormally large, it is a maceta.
Maluvido: A person that behaves badly.
Aporrinhar: To bother or annoy someone.
Monte: This expression that has spread through the rest of the country simply means a large amount of something.
Aperreado: When you are in a tight situation that is making you nervous or stressed, you are aperreado.
Péia: In Amazonas you don’t take a beating, you take a péia.
Pitíu: A bad smell.
Arrumação: An unnecessary invention.
Arregaçar: To destroy something.
Angu: An angu is a typical Brazilian dish. In Amazonas, it can also mean a confusion or a mess.
Pai d’égua: Something really good or cool.
Altear: To raise something such as the volume of the television.
Alumiar: To light something.
Zoada: Things don’t make noise in Amazonas, they make a zoada.
Á perigo (By danger): When you have no money, you are by danger.
A pulso (By pulse): To do something by pulse in Amazonas means to do it by force.
Abafar (To smother): Strangely, this means “to steal” in Amazonas.
Abestado: An abestado is a stupid person.
Baixa D’égua: When someone is bothering you in Amazonas, you tell that person to go the Baixa D’égua, which is a hypothetical place.
Brocado: A hungry person.
Cunhatã: A little girl.
Curumim: A little boy.
Capar o gato (To castrate the cat): In Amazonas you don’t leave a place, you castrate the cat.
Dos vera: When something is true, it is dos vera.
Putatueba: A meaningless word used to express dissatisfaction.
Vexado: This adjective can mean either “ashamed” and “in a hurry”.
Visagem: A ghost or apparition.
Abobrinha (Squash): Something stupid or not important. If a person is talking nonsense for example, you can tell that person to stop talking squash.
Aço (Steel): An alcoholic beverage.
Acunhar: To acunhar with someone is to get romantically involved with that person.
Afrontado: Full or satisfied. Used often after eating.
Agorinha (Right now): When something has happened “agorinha”, it occurred few moments ago.
Ajuntar (To gather): To pick things from the floor.

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